The Best Tacos On Hilton Head Island

With its cross-cultural draw, it’s no surprise that the taco is a sought-after menu item. From a chef’s perspective, the taco is a dream because it affords endless possibilities of cuisine innovation. Let’s explore some of the culinary choices our chefs have come up with for your dining pleasure at Holy Tequila. And just so you know, we let you steer the ship on the particulars: fresh made corn or flour tortillas, lettuce wrap option, and Bowl option. Brace your taste buds and feast your eyes on these Holy Tequila offerings. Proof that we have the best taco on Hilton Head Island.


These innovative tacos feature lightly battered fried shrimp, a fresh seafood favorite on Hilton Head Island among locals and visitors alike. Alongside the shrimp, our tangy citrus mango salsa and sweet and savory strawberry chipotle sauce add unbelievable flavor. The unexpected addition of coconut flakes marks that Holy Tequila touch we strive to include in each of our dishes.


Succulent adobo charred pork is the star of these savory tacos which pair perfectly with sweet pineapples, bright onions, garden cilantro, and our flavor-filled salsa verde. These tacos are a staff favorite. It’s hard to say if it’s the perfectly-charred meaty centerpiece, or the overall taste combination of meat, fruit, and vegetables that make these tacos irresistible.


Our carnitas tacos start with fall-off-the-bone meat slow cooked with just the right spices. Topped with a medley of guacamole, pickled onions, lime crema, verde salsa, cotija, and cilantro….you’ll be writing home about these.


Our unique pickled jalapeños elevate the ubiquitous ground beef taco making it a can’t-go-wrong option, especially since we top it with crispy shredded lettuce, fresh pico de gallo, shredded cheddar cheese, and a unifying portion of crema. Even kids love these.


We begin with chicken thighs to achieve the richest flavor in our smoked chicken tacos. Finishers for these tacos include queso fresco, pico de gallo, guacamole, and our distinctive chimichurri. Not all chicken tacos are created equal, so don’t overlook our Smoked Chicken Tacos.


Top quality hangar steak combined with infamous Benton’s beans arrive piping hot and finished with, but not overwhelmed by, beautiful green cilantro, crunchy onions, crumbled cotija, and house-perfected smoked chile salsa. It’s a taste sensation. Truly.


I have two personal favorites, which definitely deserve the best taco on Hilton Head accolade, to recommend to my pescatarian friends. The Blackened Mahi Mahi Tacos hold ideal flavor and texture balance with mahi seasoning, pickled cabbage, radishes, onion, and cilantro. I think what makes these tacos move to the head of the class, for fish taco lovers like myself, is the chile aioli. Its delicious creaminess adds the unifying element that sets them apart and makes you lament taking the last bite. And if you love these, you have to try my other favorite, the Ahi Tuna Tacos. These tacos, our other pescatarian masterpiece, also come blackened for ridiculously mouth watering goodness.


Holy Tequila set out to create the veggie tacos of vegetarians, meaning we purposed to capture the taste buds of often forgotten vegetarians. We did not do so as a box-checking menu afterthought. We believe that when restaurants overlook their vegetarian diners, it calls into question their culinary integrity. That goes against everything Holy Tequila stand for, and all SERG restaurants for that matter. So, for our Roasted Veggie Tacos, we take roasted Brussels sprouts, add pumpkin seeds and pumpkin salsa, and then introduce chili aioli to seal the deal. We challenge you to find a tastier veggie taco on the Island. We also direct your attention to our Buffalo Cauliflower Tacos. Just imagine tempura fried cauliflower, cheddar cheese, celery, and buffalo and ranch sauce. No need to only imagine.


In the culinary scene, pork belly has enjoyed a lot of fanfare for quite some time, and for good reason. Cured and smoked pork belly shares the umami flavor that bacon boasts making it rich, succulent, and a favorite of foodies the world over. For this reason, we got down to business in our Holy Tequila kitchen to develop Asian Pork Belly tacos which rank high on the bar of best tacos on Hilton Head. With every bite, you’ll appreciate the complementary flavors we’ve chosen for these tacos: pickled carrots and cucumber, toasted peanuts, sriracha, and soy aioli, another of our exceptional aioli creations.


We start with marinated grilled shrimp, and add charred corn salsa, crumbled cotija and chorizo mayo for these Holy Tequila tacos which have become a menu standout. The local seafood feature of fresh caught shrimp, combined with the char and crunch of the corn salsa, mixed with the unifying toppers of cotija and chorizo mayo (what?!) are meant to rock your world. Can’t decide? Well then think about ordering the Taco Trio Sampler to try your top ranking three. If you join us at lunch, you can get our Weekday Lunch Special which allows you to order any three tacos paired with rice and beans. Also, you’ll want to check with your server who’ll have all the details about our Taco of the Day. Holy Tequila! It’s taco time! I am definitely in love.


A bit of research turns up the theory that the “taco” came into being in the 19th century by miners in Mexican silver mines. The word “taco” was used to describe the small wrapped explosive they used to excavate the silver from the rock. To fuel themselves to do such arduous work, the hungry men would seek sustenance among local vendors selling what we think was the original taco. It is believed that later, the taco was reinvented by Mexican Americans in the southwest region of the U.S. And no history of the taco would be complete without mention of the master reinvention of the taco brought about in the form of the crunchy shell tacos at Taco Bell. (Side note: I recently attended my niece’s wedding and reception, punctuated by the arrival of dozens of tacos delivered by Taco Bell for the celebrating guests. I happily partook.)

In the present day, there is a veritable love affair going on with the taco. From food trucks to Mexican restaurants to innovative recipes online, there is no shortage of taco talk and consumption. When you think about it, this food item can grace the table at breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Its wide appeal covers the spectrum of meat lovers, vegetarians, pescatarians, and vegans. It may be considered the great chameleon of foods.

Among foodies and everyday eaters alike, the taco has become a staple. It can be served at any meal and is so darn good. Every time. Or at least, it has the potential for that. We certainly are taco aficionados here at Holy Tequila and we completely get the mystique which has grown around this mouthwatering food. I think it would make even the Chili Queens smile to think of the inspiration they helped to spark. Who were the Chili Queens? This noted group of women, with their family recipes and entrepreneurial drive, came on the scene in San Antonio around the turn of the twentieth century as street vendors selling authentic Mexican food to tourists, ranchers, locals, and in time, soldiers.